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Manage teams and activities with Videnci. Center data collection and analysis quickly and easily, so you never need to use paper again

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Generate savings up to in your
operation with our checklists
and automations

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Active tracking of your team even with closed application

Use existing documents or customize those created by Videnci

Integrations, reports and more

Useful features to optimize your day to day


The Videnci app works on any mobile phone or tablet, whether IOs or Android. Keep track of your team and the filling of forms in real time.


Create and schedule activities, assign people responsible and prove the execution of services through photographs and GPS location.

Workflow automation

Create approval workflows and define the next steps for your checklist based on the results of the prior fullfilment.

Intuitive dashboard

Visualize and analyze data to ensure all activities are performing as planned. All control of your business in a complete panel!

Make your digital processes in 3 steps
Build and customize forms
Distribute forms instantly
Use real data to guide your decisions
Create checklists and add fields according to the activities of each team. Customize the form layout or use pre-existing documents.
Once created, all forms are accessible to your team. The fulfillment can be followed in real time and the data is stored securely, with legal validity.

After fulfilling the form, a complete report is automatically generated. Share directly after fulfilling or schedule workflows to send it to other people.

Endless possibilities for your company





Transportation and logistics


Real estate market

Health, beauty and well-being

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Reports of those who use Videnci on a daily basis

Marcos Paulo

Trust Geological Solutions

With Videnci, it is possible to control the productivity of our teams, which has considerably increased the reliability of the filling data. Today, we have much more robust and reliable reporting.

Juliana Seppi

Adapta Nutrition Solutions

A simple and easy-to-operate system, bringing quick responses to my customers, a right choice we made for our business in line with the good quality of service provided, cordial service, fast support and fair value, in addition to the possibility of growth as the company evolves.

Fábio Oliveira Silva


Using Videnci we saved 153 sheets of paper a week and 4 and a half hours of time to focus on other activities. Another positive point of Videnci is that we managed to maintain the layout of our forms, which is a great differential that we have not found in any other system.


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