Transportation and logistics

The Transport and Logistics segment uses checklists throughout the operational routine. When using paper or spreadsheets, a lot of information can be lost, and data storage is a problem. The solution? Checklists and digital forms!

Activities and modules

With Videnci, you make all processes related to the day to day of transport and logistics professionals digital, 

maintaining a standard in deliveries, controlling the use of vehicles and obtaining up-to-date information.

Loading and unloading control
In our system, the professional is able to collect all the information of the merchandise, with GPS location and digital signature. That way, you streamline entries and exits. In addition, time spent organizing data and reporting is reduced.
Fleet tracking

Track vehicles in circulation through the dashboard that shows where the team is on the map with the georeferenced location feature.

Vehicle inspection

It is very important that vehicles take to the streets with all documents, safety and maintenance items up to date. By adding mandatory checkpoints, you ensure that items are in compliance.

Travel expense control
Attach images and electronic invoices to track expenses. You can use Videnci to control travel expenses, controlling itineraries, ticket locations, means of transport used and much more.
Forms for transport and logistics

Travel expense


Vehicle condition

Loading and unloading

Receipt of goods

Vehicle maintenance


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