The provision of services is quite broad and encompasses several segments. And no wonder: currently, the sector represents 70% of the Brazilian GDP.

To provide a quality service, it is necessary to know your audience well, know how to price and not overlook the customer experience.

Activities and modules

Videnci is a system of digital checklists and process automation that can be used in different 

ways by service providers. See how we’ve resolved some industry pains.

Activity and team management

Schedule new activities and control external teams through the GPS locator, visualizing the movement of employees through the control panel. In addition, create work orders within the system and track their fulfillment in real time, keeping a history of orders already filled by the teams.

Routine inspections

Perform routine inspections seamlessly with conditional groups and item-by-item photography. Not only that: automate report emailing with workflows.

Operational reports

Our customers report that they earn up to 4 hours per system generated report! After filling in forms, generate automatic reports that show data about the service provided.

Service industry forms

Cleanliness and conservation



Technical visit report

Service orders

Standard operational procedure


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