Retail is made up of several segments and businesses, but the fact that the sector needs technologies that facilitate daily processes is common to all of them.

Proof of this is the survey carried out by the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption. According to the study, 38% of retailers already have concrete initiatives for digital investments in people and processes.

Activities and modules

Videnci is a system that facilitates the day to day of retailers by controlling activities and teams. Some modules of our platform

 help to control site cleaning, cargo receipt, product replacement and other processes intrinsic to the activity.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When it comes to store maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the place is crucial. With Videnci, you can guarantee which locations and items were cleaned with GPS location, compliance and photograph fields, in addition to identifying the responsible employee with a digital signature and action time with date and time field.

Loss prevention

Loss prevention is one of the most important activities for the retail sector. Using our system, it is possible to schedule activities and ensure that the goods are in the correct places and that the products have not suffered any handling damage. With system-generated reports, you don’t miss any information.

Receipts control

With Videnci, you can check the state of the cargo when it arrived, the situation in which it is in the truck, the amount of product or boxes and other details through photographic records. In addition, you can request the digital signature of the document that reports nonconformities.

forms for retail

Cleaning and maintenance

Loss prevention

Load control

Items reposition

Point of Sale Inspections


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