Real estate market

The real estate market is a niche in which any detail can make a difference when closing the purchase or lease of real estate. That’s why the use of technology is so important. According to the survey Panorama do Mercado Imobiliário in Brazil, the lack of technology for management processes was pointed out by 43% of respondents as the main challenge of the sector.

Activities and modules

To overcome this challenge, we present Videnci! We are much more than a checklist and digital forms platform. 

When it comes to real estate, we bring functions that can help in everyday life!

Property inspection

The inspection process is one of the most important when it comes to real estate. More than agile, it needs to be delivered with great quality. Therefore, we have modules for compliance with action plan and conditional groups, GPS locator, item-by-item image attachment and next-step scheduling.

Key delivery control

When delivering the property to the client, digitally sign the document and send the report by email to interested parties in the business.

Document management

As the real estate industry has many processes, the simplest step is to make them all digital. At Videnci, you can insert PDFs into the system and fill them out normally or create digital forms from scratch without losing your real estate’s visual identity, facilitating document management and maintaining a cloud history of all clients served.

Real estate forms

Property inspection

Management report

Key delivery control

Maintenance checklist


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