The industrial segment is one that, more than ever, needs to be aligned with technologies and automations. According to Gianna Sagazio, Director of Innovation at the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the digitalization of industries of all sizes is the way to make Brazil more competitive.

Activities and modules

Videnci is one of the systems that has served the industrial segment when it comes to quality audits, inspections,

 order dispatch and work safety. Check out how our modules have solved some industry pains.

Quality audit​
Using the fields of compliance, weight, multiple choice and photo in our system, it is possible to carry out a complete audit and guarantee the quality of the processes.
Maintenance inspections​
Machines, equipment, structures: these are items that constantly need maintenance in industries. Fill in forms and automate them into workflows to ensure the maintenance process is complete. Also, schedule inspections and ensure items will be serviced at the correct time.
Sales order dispatch​
With the digital signature modules and the date and time’s field, it is possible to fill in forms and send sales orders, in addition to sending them automatically by email with action plans.
Workplace safety​
To ensure that employees are following all work safety standards and using the necessary PPE, we have item-by-item photography modules, check fields and digital signatures.
Forms for industry


Technical visit


Quality control

PPE sheet

Preliminary risk analysis

Good Manufacturing Practices


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