Technical visit report, weekly and monthly inspections, solar panel installation: these are just a few activities that are part of the daily routine of companies in the energy sector.

Regardless of how they generate energy, industry organizations need to monitor external teams and activities, as well as standardize documents for quality assurance.

Activities and modules

Videnci is a platform for digital checklists and process automation that allows the control of teams and activities. 

For the energy sector, some modules can be extremely important.

Technical inspections and inspections

On our platform you can create digital forms with compliance fields, multiple choice and item-by-item photography to carry out complete inspections and surveys.

Field team management

Use GPS location and digital signature to control the start and completion of activities. Have at your disposal a dashboard that shows the location on the map where the teams are, completed forms, pending, completed and overdue activities.

Process standardization and quality control

With Videnci, you can customize the layout of forms with your company’s logo and colors. Not only that, but you can also send TO the system builder a form you already use on a daily basis and fill it out normally. All this to ensure that processes are properly standardized and to make easier the quality control.

Forms for the energy segment

Technical inspection

Weekly and monthly inspections

Order of Service

Panel installation


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