In the current context, it is increasingly common for engineers, architects and other workers on a construction site count on the help of technology to complete projects.

On the other hand, paper has been used less and less. According to Prospecta Obras, 87% of construction companies intend to increase investments in digital tools.

Activities and modules

Using Videnci in construction sites is of great importance because it sets aside paper and optimizes the day to day 

of professionals. Much more than checklists, we automate actions so so you can have the real control

 over what happens at the construction site.

Safety inspections

We offer modules that ensure that work safety standards are being followed. With Videnci, you create forms for APR, ART, Work Diary and all others, ensuring correct use with digital signature, image selector field, georeferenced location and automatic report sending by email.

Work inspection

Inspecting works has never been so easy. Without using a sheet of paper, you can create inspection checklists with compliance fields and GPS location and attach images to prove the progress of the service. In addition, you can automate the next steps with action plans.

Equipment control

Use digital forms to control the equipment used at the construction site with specific modules, such as image reference, conditional groups, digital signature and photo attachment.

Material calculation

With the module of calculable fields, you fill in the form which materials will be needed for the work, the units and the cost of each one. After that, the system calculates the total amount of this request.

Forms for construction

Preliminary risk analysis

Works Diary

Order of Service

Technical Reports

Construction inspection

Safety inspection


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