Everything you need,

in one solution

Amazing checklists

Your checklists can be amazing! With Videnci, your checklist can be customized of your own way, with stars, smiles and multimidia fields. There are a lot of possibilities to build something unique!

Decision making

Build your checklist online. It can be simple or it can have specific decisions making for every response.

Manage your tasks

Create and manage tasks, delegate it to your team and have a general vision of the progress they're making.

Manage your teams

Create and manage your teams, understand the processes and tasks that are being realized, where they are and even if they're resolving a problem.

We think about your company!

We want to digitize and automate the world.

We know that each company it's unique, and, thinking about that, we create unique plans too. Your company can be starting, but you know: automatize it's smart, so you can use our Free Plan at ease. Or, maybe your company needs a Private Cloud and its own Videnci implementation team.

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